Monday, August 22, 2011

Messenger Bag-A Work in Progress

The project that I started before the embroidery project (see below post) is a messenger bag for my daughter for school.  She has waited patiently for me to finish her cousin's present before going back to hers.  We settled upon a pattern I found in the book, Sew What! Bags after looking at many in books and patterns I had in my stash.  The pattern is called City Satchel.

It looks to be a fairly straight-forward pattern.  I had cut out all the pattern pieces before having to move to the embroidery project.  And I was in the middle of adding more interfacing to the pieces to stiffen it up a bit.  I don't want it to sag when she wears it.  Below is a pic of the fabrics my daughter selected.

We have three fabrics:  the plaid is the flap you see on the front and for pockets under the flap, the paw print is for the back and the fabric you see peeking through from the front of the bag, and lastly, the pink is for the lining--an added option for the pattern.  There are no pattern pieces in the book--you have to make them yourself from measurements the author gives you. 

My daughter also wants me to embroider a tiger face on the paw print fabric on the back of the bag.  I think that will look cool!  So, I am back to the bag project to add more interfacing and start the construction of it.  Wish me luck---photos to follow when completed!

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