Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dedicated to Mama

I finished my mother's present for her birthday--it was actually for Mother's Day, her birthday, and her retirement which is this month--so excited for her!!!  Below, you see pics I took of the tote bag I embroidered for her.  I did not make the tote--only embroidered the designs which were bought online at Embroidery Library.  She really liked it which made me happy. 

I have learned a bit more about stabilizers and their must use in embroidery sew-outs.  There are so many different stabilizers for various applications, such as what to use with t-shirt knits, or heirloom wovens, etc.  The stabilizer I used for the project I have mention here are from Floriani.  If you visit their site at www.rnkdistributing.com you will see links to learning about the stabilizer products and when to use what kind which is pretty important.  The two products I used with this project was the tear away and the cut away.  I think using the cut away is easier and holds the stitches for stable for the design.  If you use the tear away, you may need to float an extra piece of it under the hoop for extra stability.  See the Floriani site for more info.

**Also: Use appropriate embroidery needles, change your bobbin case if you have one especially for embroidery work (this will suit the tension needed for embroidery work), lower the feed dogs on your sewing machine and use an appropriate bobbin (pre-wound) for your project.  And ALWAYS do test-outs before embroidering your special something.

I wanted to embroider a tote, which I have had for a while--along with all my other embroidery blanks that I bought a while back.  Thank goodness I still have them.  But, I had the tote in mind so she could use it in her retirement days to take her great grandchildren to the library for story time and check out a few books herself.  She has wanted to get back to reading (and cooking) like she used to do.

The other side is where I embroidered the middle as you see below.  I then embroidered the names of all the girls in her family--my sister and I, my niece, my daughter, and my two grand nieces, if that's what you call them.  They are my niece's daughters.  The butterfly was an iron crystal design I decided to add at the last minute.  I found it at Jo-Ann's.

So, this post is dedicated to my awesome mother who just turned 70.  She has worked very hard at the place she is retiring from for 20 years and deserves much needed rest and relaxationYour family loves you!!!

*Please Note:  In no way do I have any affiliation with the products or businesses that I mention in my blog in regard to any compensation in any way, shape, or form.  I mention the products/businesses based on the positive results I have had with them and want to pass it along to maybe help others, as I have been helped.  Pass it forward........<><

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