Monday, July 25, 2011

'After' Photos of the Singer 115

So, I know it's about time I showed you some 'after' pics of my vintage Singer 115 treadle sewing machine.  The one thing that pics don't show is the belt.  I forgot to put it back on before I took these.  I hope you enjoy looking at them, as much as I enjoyed working on it.

I ordered some small parts after I refinished everything, such as new felt pieces for the thread spools.  I also had to order a replacement for the bobbin winder tire ring.  And to further outfit it, I bought some new class 15 bobbins and a repositional adhesive needle throat plate marker.  All of these I bought from Sew-Classic online at really good prices.  You should check them out for any vintage sewing machine parts you may need. 

*Note:  I don't work or have any professional affiliation with the sites I mention on my blog.  I just like to acknowledge places where I enjoy doing business or who have provided me with valuable knowledge and want to share it with others......pass the knowledge.