Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bag Blues

My latest working project is a self-drafted denim bag from my daughter's worn out or now too little jeans.  Below are pics of the front and back.  Pockets are taken from the jeans as is.  I'll be using belt loops as the loops for holding the bag handle--a tortoise shell purse handle bought from Jo-Ann's.  I had to buy some extra denim from there, as well to fill in gaps or corrections made along the way.  I have 'made up the bag' as I go along.

I have wanted to make a denim bag for a while now, but in my own design.  I actually LOVE handbags and am pretty picky when I go shopping for one in a store.  I usually buy ones that are not faddish or will go out of style with the times.  And I usually buy autumn-colored bags--rich or burnt sienna browns, dark green.  I think I own only 1 black bag.  I'm not a huge black/white/gray fan.

I am pretty excited now about the idea of re-purposing clothes into bags.  Getting the idea from various sources, most notably from my sewing instructor who taught me how to sew and most recently from Christopher Nejman who is a sewing guru of making celebrity-type quality bags from your home sewing machine.

And so, yesterday, I took a trip to my local Goodwill store to see what could find to use for future bag ideas.  I was excited to find a long brown suede coat for only $10.  That alone could make about 4 bags easily.  And I found 1 fabric show curtain and a table cloth (see below) to use for linings of bags.  And of course I had to buy some jeans to stock up on cool pockets and worn denim since I used up all my daughter's jeans.

Oh, and take a look at this---a vinyl textured brown jacket I have already started de-constructing for more bag usage:

So, of course, now I'm going to tell you or advise you to seek your local Salvation Army or Goodwill stores and see if you can find some awesome sew-inspiring stuff!

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