Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Catching Up

Welcome to the new year and to more sewing!  Since I last posted, I made a holiday outfit for my daughter for a Christmas party she attended.  The top was made from pattern Kwik-Sew 3338--a knit top mostly made with a serger.  See envelope below.  I made view C in size XS which was too small.  I should have made it in Small.

This was the first time I had made anything with a knit.  It was a silver metallic knit at that.  I bought the fabric a while ago from Fabric.com.  The pattern is made specifically for the use of a serger.

This was the first time for me to use a double needle on a project to top-stitch around the collar and bottom hem.  That was scary and hair-raising for me!  It takes practice.  I designed and sewed on the above design element because I made an 'oops' on that side when I was top-stitching the collar.  The pattern collar was a little too wide for her so that's why she is wearing an undergarment with it.

The skirt was made from fabric I bought at Walmart that I fell in love with.  My daughter loves grays, black and white.  This fabric is made for making an instant-skirt.  That means the top edge of the fabric was already gathered with elastic and finished off.  The hem was also already finished with a narrow serged edge.  So, all I had to do was pin it on her and cut it in a slender shape which is what she wanted so the waist wouldn't stick out so much under the top.  I serged the one seam and voila, it's done.  The fabric is very shiny with a soft-velour type feel to it so it fit the bill for a holiday skirt.

So, how would you sum up the year 2011 for your own sewing projects?  I think this year is the most I have ever done for on-my-own sewing.  I'm trying to keep a sewing rhythm going so I don't forget skills I'm picking up along the way.  Happy New Year to you!

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