Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome to My Stash!

So, last week I went thru that oh-so-painful task (NOT) of getting more fabric at some great prices for whatever projects will pop up in the hopefully near future :-)   I got some great discounted fabric in the red tag section of Jo-Ann's, some calicos that were 40% off there and a few fabrics for bags at Walmart.  Aren't they awesome!  Most were bought to use for linings in bags.

I don't know about you, but my family would make fun of me growing up of being a touch-feely person because I wanted to touch everything, like clothing or whatever when something sparked my fancy.  And I vividly remember loving those children's touchy-feely books of different kinds of textures.  Well, that hasn't gone away a bit!  I just can't keep my hands to myself when I go somewhere where there are fabrics!  I guess it's that instant learning from touching something and instantly recognizing what it is through the 'hand' of it.  It's just too tempting for me!


Denise Smith said...

Don't feel bad you are not alone. I can stop buying shoes but never fabric. Especially when you can say (I can make that for 25.00 or less LOL)

Syl said...

Dont worry who so ever sews up the most wins. Thanks for following my blog Happy Sewing