Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lost & Found--Or Maybe, More Lost Than Found!

"Oh woh is me." say my many lost little projects that I've started and never finished.  They are yelling at me saying, "Finish me!," but I wonder if I will be able to fully find them again in the lost sea of unfinished projects.  If you are a sewer, you know EXACTLY what I'm talkin' 'bout.  You get excited about starting a particular project, though half-scared because you're working with fabric you've never used before--like knits!  And you're wincing allllll thhhhhhe wayyyyyyy...........

Or maybe you are feeling a little intimidated by learning a more challenging skill and a little timid to put both feet in the water.  Does maybe Tim Gunn whisper in your ear, "Make it work!"--okay, maybe more than a whisper.  Or just maybe it's altogether that in the middle of that project, something else struck your fancy.  So, you tell yourself, "Oh, it's time to learn how to sew a denim bag you've always wanted or a blouse or dress for niece, or a......"  But, then sometimes those 'have to' projects come to you that demand, "I'm here; take care of me NOW."   So, guess what happens now---It's Project Runway time in your brain:  "Gotta make it work, gotta make it work...."

So now you get a breather after that's done and you're thinking to yourself, "I'm not going to sew anything or look at anything to do with sewing for a week."  Really!?  Do you really think that's going to  happen?  The whole process starts over---pattern shopping, intrigue is baiting the hook.  You feel it, don't you---it's coming on again!  " I wanna make that."  Shop for fabric, notions, etc.....

My rescued old Kenmore 385-1764180.  I decided to pull out this machine from my closet to meet its younger sisters and grandmother (Singer 115).  I wanted to use my machine, even though it's old and pretty basic, but from what I hear, it sews leather really well.  It's resting place is on top of grandmother's cabinet and will have to be moved if she ever wants to come out and show me a thing, or two.  Now, we are all in the family :-)

Then one day, your mind comes back to haunt you by saying, "You forgot to finish this project and that one and that...."  Oh, and this one too: "You daughter was really looking forward to wearing that outfit you started making for her about 9 months ago."  This mind talk stuff starts getting on my nerves.  So, I decide, as I did recently, that I'm going to go back and finish those lonely projects and bring life back into their lonesome fabric souls.   Okay, maybe that's a bit much!  I started a written goal list in Excel a month or so ago and pinned it in front of my sewing machine.

Now, you get a part in this too.  I am going to share what projects (I can remember) that I need to finish--these are projects that can be worked on; not ones that didn't get finished because nothing could save them from the trash.  So, here we go:

-Finish the flowery red/black/white insta-sundress into a shirt for my daughter.  Just have to re-mark those pins, takes one seam, and sew on the straps.  Easy enough, I think.

-Actually put together the cut out pieces I have for a fall/winter vest and blouse to go under it, again, for my daughter.  Maybe it will be done by next fall.

-Finish a winter plaid skirt that was close to being finished.  I tried to make it in time to wear to a funeral, but didn't make the deadline---no pun intended.

-2 pajama shorts for my daughter; one pair for me---all cut and ready to be sewn.

-And the most recently lonely project is a fleece pullover my husband wanted me to make him to replace the one he's had forever that's falling apart.  I was so excited about the fabric--moose and bears and deer, oh my!  I made a muslin of the pattern because I wanted to make sure the size was right.  Got that done and ready for him to try on.  Then he got too busy with work and then sometimes didn't feel well.  He's already told a friend that it will be next year/winter before he wears it.  It takes two to tango to get this done, hubby!

Hope your old not-finished-project list is shorter than mine.  But, hey, it's about just keepin' on keepin' on.  And FEEL FREE to drop me a line asking me how the sundress or whatever is going just to keep me in check and on the right and intended path.  Or maybe I can just pretend I have cheerleaders cheering me on, which would end up getting on my nerves.  Or better yet,  I could pretend I'm a contestant on Project Runway and have to finish all these projects within 2 days---"Make it work, make it work!"  More like, make it work in a month's time !(OUCH).

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Sarah said...

I wish my to do list was shorter's just so easy to keep getting excited by new projects instead of finishing the binding...seams....unpicking etc.

Good luck getting motivated!