Saturday, June 9, 2012

Check That Off The List!

Well, I did get my mojo workin' a little bit and finished a project, if you can call it that, that was two years old!  It was one of those fabrics you buy that is already shirred and makes an instant dress with one seam.  I had cut this fabric out for my daughter two years ago.  Thank goodness I bought enough of it because I had to re-cut it since she had grown--who woulda thought?!  But she was happy with it and wore it on her last day of school.  I added the ribbon that I already had for the straps which just happened to match the colors in the fabric.  Sewed the one seam and the hem and----voila!...........

I gotta mention these envelopes again---I use these to put my old and current (and in between) projects in and just love them!  I took a picture this time so you can see how cool they really are.  They are clear plastic so I can see everything and have a snap enclosure.  I use a label maker to label the pattern number, if it has one.  And then label the name of the project and possibly who I am making it for.  They expand a little as you can see in the second pic---so there is ample space for the pattern, fabric, notions, etc.

Take a look-see:

I bought these from Current Catalog online.  You get 8 to a pkg and the top flaps are decorated with colorful designs.  So, IMO that is a plus.  The plastic is very sturdy--very had one rip and have had my first batch for over a year.

I stand them up in hanging file folders now (after moving things around) so I can easily find them since they 'stand' out so much :-)

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