Saturday, June 9, 2012

McCall's 5562-An Easy Dress Pattern For Girls

I have two great nieces who are 7 and 4 years old, respectively.  I have never sewn for children, but really wanted to sew for them.  When I started sewing in 2009, my daughter was past that age---so, alas, no cute children's clothes for her :-(  So, I sat down with my great nieces, Audrey and Alyssa, recently and asked them what they wanted if I made them something--such as a dress or pants, etc. and what colors they like.  The oldest one, Audrey, said she wanted purple which is her favorite color--that was her only criteria.  The youngest one wanted Tinker Bell pants, period!  And so I went home and found a cute dress pattern for the oldest--McCall's 5562 and a pants pattern (A while ago, I happened to have bought Tinker Bell fabric one day when the youngest and I went shopping at Hobby Lobby) that was McCall's 5796 which had a pattern for cropped pants--I thought more apropos for the warm months ahead.

OOP pattern I ordered from The McCall Pattern Co.

Well, I actually started on the TB pants and had two brain farts in the process and almost messed them up completely!  So, in the interim, I switched gears and worked on Audrey's dress, McCall's 5562.  At the first fitting, I found out the dress was 2-3 inches too short.  So I went back and made shorts in the same fabric to do with it.  Also, when the oldest had tried the dress on the first time--the younger sister was jealous and wanted a dress right then and there and wanted purple like her sister.  Light bulb!--I'll just go get TB fabric that is purple and is already shirred (like the fabric I used for my daughter's dress in the post below).  Lickety split, an instant dress in no time at all!

When I delivered the final product to the oldest niece, she was thrilled and wanted to wear it that day.  Then, when I showed the youngest the Tinker Bell dress fabric--she lit up and was so excited.  She wanted me to finish it right then and there.  I fitted pieces of ribbon on it for straps.

I have since cut out two different fabrics for dresses for Alyssa in the 5562 pattern I had to order from McCall's.  And, I've cut two more patterns of the dress (both lengthened by 3") for Audrey, as well.

I added this patch I found in my stash.

A happy young lady who wore this to the mall and got a compliment from a stranger--which I am guessing made her day!  It was really fun to sew for them and I plan to sew much more for them.  It's nice to see happy smiles after making something for someone who enjoys it.  It's fun to pick out children's fabrics with bright colors and play around with the trim colors.

BTW, those Tinker Bell pants are still sitting in one of my project folders--maybe I'll make shorts out of them.  OH, and I also recently found a Tinker Bell bright green remnant at Walmart----for a future dress for Miss Alyssa too.  Happy days are ahead!

Updated on 07-06-12-Here are some other photos from this pattern---Audrey's patriotic dress and her sister's Tinker Bell dress:

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