Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Bag Resources I Found

I like to sew bags and found a Yahoo group that I recently joined.  It's called sewing tote bags and purses.  One of the blogs I found there through the posts is called Passion et Couture.  The blog author has some great pics of bags she has made, especially her most recent bag called The Exchange Bag.  Also on her site, she had a link to  Pinterest where you can see all sorts of bags with links to where to find the patterns for some.

Here are some other bag resource links I have found:
Chris W Designs
Christopher Nejman
Nicole Mallalieu-You Sew Girl!
Purse Patterns
By and Stable stabilizer for bags
Sew It All TV-Episode 406
Squidoo-How to Make Purses, Wallets, Pouches, Cases
How About Orange-How to Sew 9 Different Bags and Purses
Innovative Bags and Totes-Part 1-Sewing with Nancy video
Innovative Bags and Totes-Part 2-Sewing with Nancy video

If you know of any other resources for bags and purses, please add them in your comments.


Marisa said...

Hi Leslie, I'm glad I found your blog, I really like all your creations, your bags, your projects and all the beautiful photos of your sewing machines. I want to thank you for the nice comments you made about my blog and for following me. Today you have a new follower with me, I think that we will share our passion for making bags. Thanks for all the links you have given us, I'll have a good time visiting those sites. Marisa-

nissaMade said...

I just joined that group too, also found through Marisa's blog..

I have a list of purse resources listed here:

Will be following you!