Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trying To Get My Mojo Workin'...

I have to admit that I haven't sewn ANYTHING since we last spoke--or since I last spoke here!  I am much in my mind I want to get out of the way.  Plus, my sewing room is a mess.  I share my sewing space with the office of the house.  So, my feeling is to do a little bit of a room switch-a-roo with the furniture.  I have a degree in Interior Design (from Mississippi State University--a plug for the maroon and white!).  And so having learned mechanical drawing--it serves well when I want to move the furniture around....anywhere! 

First, I measured the space and all the items I want in that space.  That is what you see below.  This room is 10'-4" x 11'-10 1/2".  But when you are putting one large office desk, printer, files, another office desk (the hubby's), 2 sewing pieces of furniture and one vintage Singer sewing cabinet---it gets a little crowded.  Right now, there's too much bumping into each other.

Next, came my preliminary plan of the space which I thought I could live with, but later rejected it.  It's just too choppy.

I tried to rotate this many times so you could visualize the same view throughout.  The pic above shows the window on the right side (south wall).  North is pointed left in this view.  The entrance to the room is the arrow near the top left.  The sewing furniture is on the right or south wall.  But because of the way the furniture/cabinets (both are identical) open, it's not able to abut to one another.  There is a top on the left side of each cabinet that you pull up and use the door of the cabinet, when opened, to support that top.  Inside the cabinet door are two rows of plastic trays that can be adjusted in size with spacers to hold whatever.  It is these trays that are causing the abutment problem in that corner.
So, in the above view, you see where I put the sewing cabinets in the same corner, but positioned corner to corner.  The 'x' in the top right of the paper in the corner of the room designates 'dead' or unused space.  You try not to lay out space that way, but in this case the furniture will look better.  Plus, I can hide something in that corner I don't get to often.  Maybe I should put a big plant there near the window!  That would be nice.