Thursday, August 2, 2012

Working on Several Items at Once!

July has been busy and looks like August will be the same--but that's a good thing, right?  I started a sleeveless top for my daughter, Sarah using pattern Simplicity 2892:

The envelope says "6 Made Easy", but I have not seen where view D is so easy.  I have never worked with so many gathers in all my born days!  I guess it was about time to do so, though.  I have not completed it yet because my daughter requested many alterations to show off her curves a bit better.  It was too full, I must say and would not be flattering as is.

Here are some previews of the unfinished top---not too exciting and rather hard to see due to the pattern of the fabric.

This shows the wrong side of the front with the collar lining showing.  I've never worked with any kind of lining before either.  So next comes a pic of some darts I need to add in to the back piece to make the top more slender.

You can barely see the two basting safety pins on the right side of the fabric in the back.  I don't have much experience either with darts, but I'm feelin' the challenge and will rise to it.  I plan to add bust darts to the front, although I'm not too sure how that will look next to the collar seam.  Otherwise, it gapes open too much at the arm holes.


So, next up is a project I am pretty stoked about--a military-themed messenger bag for my husband.  I received some great fabric for free from a lady who's mother-in-law had passed away a while back--see my last post.  I got some camo fabric and a small piece that had eagles on it.  So, needless to say, my  husband, Bill was excited.  I am using the same pattern I used for my daughter's bag (Sew What! Bags-City Satchel), but am beefing it up quite a bit to be more sturdy and not so slumpy.  I'll be using some heavy duty interfacing to hopefully achieve that.   And.............get ready............I have entered the 2012 Handbag Contest.  This is the first time I have ever entered a contest on PR which is my FAVORITE sewing site which I KNOW I have mentioned before.  I look at it everyday!  You should seriously consider joining if you haven't already.  I am looking forward to just the experience of participating.  Of course, I would be delighted if I won--the prizes are awesome!

I expect this bag to go together pretty quickly this time since I've made it before.  Here are pics of the pieces which I cut out.  I have to get the interfacing in order to begin.  SIDE NOTE:  Our Jo-Ann's store had a water main break inside their store almost a month ago which flooded the whole thing and everything was likely ruined.  So, the store has been closed a while which is a major bummer for someone like me who needs their Jo-Ann fix to continue living.  And SO, I have to travel to Jefferson City, MO--about 30 minutes away which isn't bad at all--to go to their store which is a super store.  I honestly think the store here has more square footage than that store.  BUT the exciting news is that our Jo-Ann store is opening south of town--far away for me, but in a nicer building location.  And, get this, it's going to be a SUPER STORE!  But that won't open until January :-(

Back to bag piece pics:

overall bag pieces
lining pieces

eagle to be appliqued on front flap of bag

The biggest challenge for me on this bag will be appliqueing the eagle fabric onto the front flap which is a navy canvas fabric.  I am taking a class to learn this on 8/7 and know I'll have to practice quite a bit before sewing the real piece on.  That will make me nervous.

The whole outside bag is navy canvas with camo cotton as the accent for the side pockets and lining.  I'll be using button pockets that I have removed from some of my husband's old Army coats and pants.  He was in the Army for a total of 15 years which includes 4 active and the other in the Army Reserves.  He is very patriotic and proud of his military experience and loves anything to do with military--like watching military inspired movies, etc.  He has also given me various patches to sew onto the under flap of the bag, as well as pins that he also received.  It will be a very sentimental and meaningful bag for him--which I'm excited about making for him.

The last item I resurrected from over a year ago is a shirt from McCall's 6159.  It's a girl's pattern and is too small for my daughter now.  But, I am attempting to salvage the cut pieces--the front and back pieces of the shirt to make a simple vest.  She still likes the fabric so I hated to see it all go to waste.  I'll have to insert some darts in this, as well for a more fitted style.

With ALL THAT going on--it'll keep me busy for a while.  But that's a good thing, right?