Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's Costume Time Again

Working on costumes again for the upcoming production of The Lamb-A Passover Perspective of the Last Supper.  Our church performs this production every year--now the third year.  It really is an educational, as well as spiritual performance to see.  Hopefully, I will be able to get a link afterward for you to view the performance.  I have 2 costumes to make--each totally different.  One is the overcoat worn by 'Jesus' and the other is a more dressy costume for one of the daughters of the Host Family--the main focus aside from the disciples and Jesus in the 'Upper Room'.

Aside from all this, I have started taking lessons to learn how to knit.  I tried several years ago--got discouraged and packed it all away.  Recently, a friend introduced me to loom knitting which is pretty cool.  But it also got me thinking that maybe I should try again--with one-on-one lessons to learn how to knit.  I always viewed it as an unattainable craft to learn, as I once did for sewing.  But when it came to finally taking lessons to sew about 4 years ago--I jumped in whole-heartedly.  So, I plan to do the same with knitting.  I am still working on what I learned in the first lesson which is casting on and the knit stitch.  Of course, I make lots of mistakes and don't know how to correct them, but just keep on plodding along just to get more comfortable holding the needles and making the stitches without looking like a stiff robot!  Here's the place where I am taking lessons, in case you want to check it out yourself-It is called True Blewe Yarns & More.  If you have any knitting tips for a beginner, I would be happy to learn them!

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