Thursday, November 14, 2013

Part 1: Where Have I Been?

Wow--to be totally honest, I have gone off the deep-end...............with knitting looms!  No kidding, visit my board on Pinterest.  I have gone loopy or loomy for knitting looms!  A friend mentioned it to me back in March (the last time I posted here) or in April.  I was trying to learn how to do regular knitting...again for the second time in my life.  Just so you know that didn't go so great....again.  So, back at that time, I decided to do some research on these knitting looms my friend mentioned.  Well, I bought a set of Knifty Knitter looms from Ebay--3 round ones and a small rectangle long loom.  I made a baby's hat, put it on my cat and took a picture...

How cute is that?!  This is my second oldest or youngest furry baby-Dewey.  He's been on the web site as you've seen.  Then I started a double color striped hat (no pics of that) of purple and green.  And for some reason I lost interest or life just happened and I put it away for a while.  Plus, people were telling me I needed to learn to knit the 'real' way.  Well, since then I chucked that up to be pretty much knit snobbery.  Just being honest, just sayin'......I don't like snobbery of any kind.  It's important to do what is FUN and ENJOYABLE for yourself....YOU; no one else.  Once it becomes frustrating and hard and no fun----is the time to move on or take a break.

Almost 2 months ago, I found a renewed interest in these looms again...You can see several in the photo below--my whole current inventory.  I say current cause I have my eye on the kb 'S' loom for making afghans that are 60" in length!  My looms include the brands, starting from the left side--Martha Stewart Loom & Weave Kit (bought from Amazon; also available at Walmart and craft stores) in 3 configurations shown--1 being the square for weaving (other pieces in the kit are not shown).  YouTube has videos on this product if you want to check it out.  The next set which are the 4 round looms (reddish/pink, orange, blue and green) and the reddish/fuchsia  long loom behind those are Boye products I got from Walmart in a set.  Then the biggest set that I have which include the 2 blue, green, yellow, off-pink long looms and round looms (green with a project on it, orange and yellow) are the Knifty Knitters which are my favorite!  And lastly, in the forefront are the kb sock looms.  I have yet to use those.

My full loom inventory as of this writing.

I got onto YouTube and blasted away trying to find any and all videos I could on how to knit loom using various looms in various methods.  Here is my favorite channel for learning about loom knitting.  Check it out here.

Good Knit Kisses has the BEST videos out there on the subject.  So to save any interested knit loomers out there some time---look at her videos on various methods to loom, plus she has videos that are product reviews....those are good too.  Check out this video:

Kristen, of Good Knit Kisses, also teaches regular knitting and crochet, as well.  You can check out those videos too.

I've got several pics to show you of my supplies and projects I am working on and one for charity.  Til' the next post--have a great loom-filled day :-)

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